Wednesday, 4 August 2010

2. Tuesday 3rd August 2010

We were joined by three more UWHG members today, to continue digging around the outside edge of the structure on Hartlington Green. One of these was Jennifer, on her school holidays and currently waiting for her GCSE results. She had joined us a couple of weeks ago for the Chapel House Wood dig, and undeterred, is with us again for the dig at Hartlington. This is her blog for Tuesday:

Why do we dig in the most unlikely places?
I have only ever done two digs, this being my second and the first being at Chapel House Woods. What the future has in store for me I do not know, but
as to the past, all we seem to have found of it, is mud and oddly placed stones.(more to the point-What is it?)
Hartlington is a completely different site to Chapel House Woods, (as I was forewarned)
It is smaller, public and much more localised. But still, does anyone know what it is yet?

Apart from the need for good, strong wellies the weather stayed fairly fine and a lot of passer-by’s were genuinely interested in the site. Although what the seven of us could tell them, was perhaps not what they expected.
Digging here is more like gardening and the daffodil bulbs certainly proved that.
The site now has several explanations, some more realistic than others, (Bread oven, water feature, barbeque pit…)Never mind what it is, I think that we are all enjoying ourselves and that’s what counts

Jennifer Stearn

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